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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Posted in Uncategorized,Video Games by newsolitude69 on March 11, 2010

I know that this might be a little delayed considering the game came out in November of last year but here this goes anyone. This game has been ranked one of the top FPS on the Xbox 360 and every time I hear this, I am very skeptical. This time I was very wrong. This game is one of the best games I have ever played in my entire life. I remember playing the first Modern Warfare and thought it was amazing. Now imagine that game on steroids and you have MW2. The campaign is amazing but you should buy the game for the multiplayer aspect. You will definitely get your moneys worth if you buy this game for Xbox live. The replay value is tremendous. Any fan of FPS’s, I would highly recommend this game. Enjoy!


Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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For the past week, I have been playing this game on the wonderful Xbox 360. This game was said to be comparable to the online play of Cod: MW2. I completely disagree with this statement. BBC2 is such a better multiplayer game in aspect to first person shooters. BBC is more realistic than MW2. When I am using my recon gear in BBC2, being a sniper, I have to take into account gravity because those long distance shots have an affect on them. Also, BBC2 is a game where teamwork is an absolute must. MW2 you can run around and be a one man show. you cannot do that in BBC2. There are downfalls in BBC2 like not being able to go prone but that is the biggest con I have found about the game and if that is the only problem I have with the game then damn it is one hell of a game. They are having server issues with the game lately but that is bound to happen with any new game. They always fix it within a half hour or so though so they are on top of it. This game is a fantastic fps not only online, but the campaign as well. Anyone who loves 1st person shooters, I would highly recommend this game to them. Enjoy!

Apartment Shopping

Posted in Oh and don't forget the Girlfriend!!!! by newsolitude69 on March 10, 2010

So today I went apartment shopping with my girlfriend. I already have a place so we were strictly looking for her. We are not living together because of certain reasons which I won’t say at this moment but they are legitimate. So anyways, as we enter this apartment, I do not like it at all. It is too small to being with. It was 3 levels, a bedroom upstairs and downstairs and the middle floor was common ground. The thing is that there was no doors anywhere so there was no privacy. Also, there was no room to have a dining table, not even the tinniest of ones. So we begin to ask questions on the apartment and I was asking good questions about maintenance, and noise level because the apartments were attached to a bar along with train tracks being no more than a 100 yards from the apartments. After we left I started getting scolded because she didn’t like my tone of voice and said I sounded like I was interrogating them. She said if people “shut down” on me in the future I should know why. I would never talk to my friends this way and it was more of a business like setting in which I act differently. I love her to death but what she said made me angry. I was trying to help her out and she got mad at me. That is all for today.


Posted in Music by newsolitude69 on March 10, 2010

Just want to tell you about a guy I heard the other day when I was using stumbleupon when I got bored. This guy is amazing. He uses nothing but his voice to make the background music and then on top of that, he sings to it. You cannot find his music on iTunes or Amazon, he only sells his music on his website. Here is a link to watch him and from there you can go to his page. His name is Dub_Fx. Please support him if you can. I wanted to torrent it but I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I like supporting bands that are unknown. Check him out, it is worth the time!

And so it begins…

Posted in The Adventures of My Roommate by newsolitude69 on March 10, 2010

Not many, if any at all know my room mate. We will call him  Ray (not his real name). He is not the worst room mate but it is pretty bad. I will give you a little background of what has gone on so far throughout last semester and this one.

So I first met him and he seemed like a nice kid but something seemed a little off. He had this girl back home (6 hour car drive), who kind of broke up with him before college but not really. It was a very confusing situation. They eventually got back together ┬ábut that is another story. So every time I come into the room, he is on the phone with her which I can understand because I did the whole long distance. Then it takes a turn for the worse. Everyday I come into my own room, he is sleeping. He sleeps for at least 20 hours a day. I always have to be quiet. Many of you are probably thinking well, at least in those 4 hours, he is going to class. Well, your wrong. I wake him up before every one of his classes trying to be nice. Always get the same response, “I am not feeling well.” He went to maybe a 4th of his classes. This makes me unbelievably frustrated because I go to class no matter what, even if “I am not feeling well.” So this goes on the entire semester. Ends with a 0.0 GPA. I was more impressed by that then anything. You have to try to get a 0.0 in college.

This semester is getting a little better. We signed up for one of the same class to see if I could motivate him to get going to these classes of his and it seems not to be working. He still doesn’t go to his classes. He is getting on a better sleep schedule though which makes life in my room so much easier. He still does have those days where all he does is sleep which I usually don’t care and am noisy anyways because I hate having to be quiet at 3 in the afternoon when I want my door open so people can come in. Oh, and around February 20th, he got sick. and guess what, he is still complaining about being sick. He is perfectly fine. GRRRRR. He missed a ton of classes because of that.

Anyways, that is a very brief description of what has gone on so far. I will tell you more about his little adventures that make me angry, happy, and even frustrated. There will be more to come.